Reimagining Employee Advocacy 4.0

Reimagining Employee Advocacy 4.0

Invent new paradigms

Disruption is a huge driver of digital transformation, and organizations need to adapt not just to evolving technologies but also to new ones that come out of nowhere.

Yet the massive global disruption we’ve experienced in the past year hasn’t been the result of revolutionary new tech from hot startups, but rather a novel virus. The adaptations companies have been forced to make go far beyond learning how to work and collaborate remotely while effectively managing a homebound workforce.

Issues of employee health and well-being has been brought to the forefront like never before, and companies — the best ones, at least — have become acutely aware of their moral obligations to promote these.

A new employer-employee relationship

And the best companies have figured out that throughout this experience, employees have had an unprecedented opportunity to find out to what degree their employers actually care about them as whole people, not just ID numbers on a payroll.

It can’t just be about the bottom line anymore. That era is over, and that mindset is beyond obsolete.

It’s clear that for businesses to thrive in this pandemic reality, new paradigms are needed when it comes to human resources. A company’s success depends not only on innovative and competitive offerings and marketing strategies to sell them, but also on its most valuable asset by far: happy and motivated employees.

V3 Stent employee advocacy program is an innovative way to give you an edge over your competitors in attracting, recruiting and, importantly, retaining the best talent.

Stent, your virtual assistant

V3 Stent is a pioneer in social selling and lead generation, with global clients in varied sectors, from banks to law firms to IT companies. The Stent platform leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to give professionals the information, insights and indicators they need to nurture their LinkedIn prospects, increase their presence, establish their branding and attract new talent.

The intuitive mobile application Stent features a virtual assistant that helps you connect with the right people, convert leads into sales and collect valuable data to improve your social selling potential.

Stent is where data-driven AI meets human business intuition, allowing you to nurture not just any audience but the right one. Sales professionals can use Stent to achieve their targets by reaching — and intriguing — prospects by sharing high-impact content, and then engaging with their audiences through meaningful social interactions.

Humans are back at the heart of business

The benefits of an employee advocacy program go far beyond raising the company’s and its employees’ profiles while driving sales, though.

Stent has been developed – and is constantly innovating – with a sincere focus on the human aspect of it all. Stent allows employees to better understand their networks not only in business terms but on a personal level, with insights on how people perceive them, not just the company and its offerings.

Ultimately, it’s as much about the employees as it is the company and its interests, helping all stakeholders fulfill their mutual objectives of growth and sustainability while increasing workers’ happiness, appreciation of their work environments and optimism about their futures. In today’s radically (and rapidly) altered work landscape, there’s a greater risk of employees facing new stressors (such as having to work from home and being physically disconnected from their colleagues and offices), which can lead to anxiety and lack of confidence.

Smartly and thoughtfully conceived AI technologies can play a positive role in alleviating, or even preventing, these and other issues. The app  can provide daily notifications to both inform and motivate employees, give recommendations to increase efficiency in their tasks and improve their results, or even just ask them how they’re doing and how they’re feeling. And, of course, there are more tangible benefits that can make a V3 Stent employee advocacy program attractive. Incentives such as bonuses, extra days off or even points on a credit card can be offered.

It goes without saying that we’ve all had to make some major adjustments in how we live and work, and in record time at that. Employers can no longer avoid addressing the realities their employees face – especially since they’re probably experiencing some of the same issues as well.

Employee advocacy programs can’t be driven solely by business interests and a fixation on the bottom line; they also need to be motivated by empathy and a sense of common purpose. A V3Stent employee advocacy can make  it happen by bridging the power of data-driven AI technologies with the human side of today’s business landscape, giving companies and employees alike some much-needed optimism – not to mention an edge in the market – going forward into a more hopeful post-pandemic world.

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