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Our Modules


Increase your online presence through the voice of your employees - your best ambassadors. Analyze their contacts using our AI to find ideal candidates in your employees' network!


Start productive conversations with your ideal customers. Measure the level of interest, the actions taken by your potential customers and transfer the data to your CRM.


Speed your Sourcing by up to 2x and save money on external help! Stent sorts, ranks and contacts the most qualified profiles based on your job description. Measure interest levels, candidate actions and transfer data to your ATS.

Our Clients

Stent at the heart of your organization

A proven program built around your pillars of growth

Inspire your employees

Nurture your Employer Brand internally and promote it externally for seamless cohesion. Analyze ROI in real time and activate a reward plan for the visibility you achieve.

Generate sales

Focus on positive, constructive human interactions aligned with your goals and powered by AI to build a true communication channel between you and your niche audience.

Recruit talent

Access the complete and ranked candidate pool for your job openings. No need to buy ads or CVs online. Build a methodology that fills positions up to 50% faster than traditional methods, and at a lower cost!

A pioneer in technology-powered digital marketing, V3 Stent puts the best of artificial intelligence, adapted to the digitalization of business, in your hands.

We leverage the latest technological advances, coupled with the edgiest organizational practices, to help you achieve your goals more easily and efficiently.

Our Stent App

Your AI virtual assistant for a successful digital strategy

At V3 Stent, we use artificial intelligence to meet your needs. With our Stent application and its modules, you can recruit the best talent, plan your social networking campaigns and take your business to a whole new dimension.

Target and qualify the perfect candidates with our Talent module and cutting-edge AI algorithms.

Turn your employees into ambassadors and experts recognized by their community, with the Employee Influence module.

Engage in conversation and build relationships with the Propulsion module.

Download our App now to get your SSI score (Social Selling Index) plus a free AI audit or your profile and network.

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