Amplify = Propulsion module

Generate qualified business leads. Amplify your results.

The Propulsion module helps you build and maintain lasting business relationships within an optimized network. Thanks to our artificial intelligence, you’ll grow your audience and create relationships that yield returns by focusing on engaging conversations and content that reflects your image.

Build your sales success, one connection at a time.

Is finding quality prospects a challenge?

Did you know that the cold call efficiency rate is only 2.5%?

Communicating with the right prospects is a huge challenge for businesses.

At V3 Stent, we offer you an effective way to build lasting relationships with new qualified prospects.

Take advantage of the Propulsion module to generate an average return on investment 5 to 10 times greater.

The five steps to success

The V3 Stent Propulsion experience consists of five easy steps to effortlessly achieve the best results.

  • 1

    To guide your propulsion strategy, our specialists analyze your potential markets and position you as an unmissable expert in your field.
  • 2

    Then, our Stent App gives you tips to make over your personalized branding that optimizes your profile attractiveness and generates traffic.
  • 3

    Stent's AI algorithms target the best profiles according to your criteria and take care of generating new opportunities, while creating a business community adapted to your needs.
  • 4

    Our Influence module helps you promote your expertise and optimize your visibility on your various social media platforms with our content management tool.
  • 5

    Then, all that's left to do is create conversion campaigns and analyze their effectiveness, connect them into your sales pipeline and watch your sales soar.

And that’s it!

Now, you can sit back and watch Propulsion work its magic, and follow your progress closely with a detailed performance report.

Why use the Propulsion module?

Stent’s Propulsion module is a unique way to set yourself apart from your competition by positioning your expertise.

Thanks to a well-conceived strategy and a module adapted to your needs, you can engage with your contacts, build your audience and, above all, seize concrete opportunities with qualified leads.

Harness the full power of social selling for a much more intuitive approach.

The secret to the V3 Stent Propulsion’s effectiveness? Artificial intelligence combined with our team’s 10 year+ expertise, in order to understand who you are and help you connect with trusted potential business partners.

V3 Stent ensures the integration and monitoring of your new connections in your CRM or any other collaboration tool.

The result? Business opportunities that suit you best!

Propulsion, a Stent module that pays dividends in multiples.

The Propulsion V3 Stent module is:

A simplified way to reach qualified prospects thanks to our powerful artificial intelligence algorithms

A way to improve your brand image by letting your authenticity shine

A personalized platform that guides you towards your goals

Technology that helps you increase your sales

Time savings in your search for interesting partners

Productivity gains thanks to the artificial intelligence that takes care of everything

A significant increase in your recognition on various networks

A team of seasoned specialists to support you at all times

A smart inbox to easily manage your LinkedIn conversation