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The V3 Stent Alchemy

Fission, noun: assembly of two atomic nuclei to form a heavier nucleus, producing in the process a colossal amount of energy up to 4 times that of nuclear fission reactions.

This type of reaction, at work in the sun and most stars, creates almost all of the chemical elements in the universe.

V3 Stent’s story is one of a common goal: to generate as much value and relationships as possible for B2B companies.

When two universes meet


Our story is also about meetings, between two pioneers and two universes.

As a Canadian social selling trailblazer, Alexandre Bouchard’s universe was his tight-knit team at V3 and their unifying human relations marketing strategy, one of a kind in the market.

Their mission? To help companies let their ambitions shine through technology.

And as for technology, Philippe Racine and his artificial intelligence experts know it like the back of their hand. Their universe is Stent, the AI-powered tech gem to which V3’s digital strategies owe their success.

The rest of the story wrote itself.

Out of this winning partnership, an alliance was formed, which in turn gave birth to a merger.

A fusion, resulting in a small miracle of human intelligence and innovation.

Now, we’re writing the next episode – so stay tuned.

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Our mission

Born from the need to adapt to the infinite number of business opportunities that social networks enable, our premier solution is creating opportunities and human relationships of interest.

Being pioneers of social selling and integrated AI, our lust for learning is always pushing our research further in order to meet the needs of businesses.

“Unify. Simplify. Amplify.” That’s our motto, and we put it into practice every single day to:

Increase your online presence

Co-create or manage your digital strategies

Put technology at the service of your people

Our people

We say it a lot, and we mean it:

our people are what count the most to us.

Highly skilled developers, world-renowned AI analysts, serial entrepreneurs, wacky content creators, sales luminaries, die hard geeks, obsessive linguists, hyper-muscular athletes, eco-lumberjacks, unbeatable salespeople, queens and kings of marketing, sunshiny happyologists, operations custodians, peacekeepers…

We’re a gang of beautiful, unique, creative and dedicated people.

We love our people, and they’re the key to your success.

Our Clients