Connect to your ATS and/or CRM system

Enrich and enhance your data with Stent

Stent's Contact Insights API is the combination of your ATS and/or CRM data, enhanced and enriched by our AI processes and public data management.

Our API connects easily with a Chrome extension that validates your data and gives you a complete match in seconds!

Then deploy an import and alert management system that will keep you ahead of the competition in recruitment and sales!

Stent Contact Insights API

Connecting to your third-party platforms is child’s play with Stent.

Whether you use a CRM, ATS or any other contact management system, we offer seamless integration with almost every platform on the market.

An endless number of contacts to synchronize

A matching rate based on our Artificial Intelligence algorithms

An up-to-date, useful candidate/customer database for you and your peers

Search Experience

Stent offers a modern search experience across all your contacts.

We harness the power of our robust AI models to normalize your data, enabling you to explore your audience with precision.

It’s all about effortlessly finding the right contacts in a modern, data-driven way.

User Experience

Enhance your legacy experience with our browser extension.

When you visit a contact’s profile, our extension instantly reveals a wealth of additional information in a convenient side panel.

This means you get more in-depth information, beyond what’s typically stored in your system, right at your fingertips.

Let Stent sail into space

For Recruitment:

Improving recruitment efficiency: A use case example for custom workflow development
  • A candidate in your ATS is now available for new opportunities
  • The profile perfectly matches one of the job offers.
  • A task is assigned to the responsible recruiter in Bullhorn for this contact.

For Sales:

Unlocking sales force effectiveness : A use case example for custom workflow development
  • Your level 1 customer contact has just been promoted
  • Your customer success team receives notification of this change via Slack.
  • A task is assigned to the account manager responsible for this contact in HubSpot.

How relevant is your data?


Try our Stent Contact Insights API to validate the relevance to your business unit and organization today!

Includes these functionalities:

Audit the quality of your data

AI matching of contacts with our enriched data

Access to our Chrome extension "Stent Contact Insights" for real-time match viewing

Access to NOVA, our high-performance search engine based on AI-normalized data (more efficient searches than on your existing platforms!)

Customization of Stent-generated alerts (*not included in trial)

Integration with your ATS or CRM (*not included in the trial)

Stent API data import and export (*not included in trial)

Contact update every 30 days (*not included in trial)

Integrations with Teams, Slack, Outlook, GMAIL etc. (*not included in trial)