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Alexandre Bouchard
Alexandre Bouchard
CEO & Co-Founder

Alex is a passionate tech entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in B2B Digital strategies.

In short, V3 Stent is the combination of all of his professional expertise (Tech (ex-Apple), Sales (ex-KPMG), Recruitment (ex-Randstad) and Marketing (BBA in Marketing, startups in Media) all rolled into one.

He spent the last 10 years giving conferences and trainings on how to generate more Awareness for your Brand in the B2B digital space.

Working with Philippe, they built Stent, an AI software that answers Sales, HR and Marketing needs while making it simple and efficient for people to use on a daily basis.

“A lot has changed in the Tech landscape in the last few years, we want to make it easier and engaging for employees to adapt to these change and leverage the full potential of Tech in Businesses across the globe.”

Philippe Racine
Philippe Racine
Chairman & Co-Founder

Philippe is Chairman and Co-Founder of V3 Stent.

He is a senior partner of the group but above all a passionate Leader.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has a long list of successful IT companies, an international patents and several groundbreaking innovations to his credit.

AI, Internet of Things, Fintech, Data mining, RTO… When he is inspired, no advanced technology can stand in his way!

At V3 Stent, Philippe and his innovative vision guides the team and offers employees unfailing support in the face of all their challenges.

Some would say that this a tailor-made role. Indeed, when he is not working he remains ultra active. As a father, a husband or even a tennis coach, he is 100% dedicated to his family. No time to get bored with Philippe!

Louis-Vincent Ledoux
Louis-Vincent Ledoux
General Manager
Louis-Vincent was the first person to join Alex in forming today’s experienced and ever-growing V3 Stent team. Analytical and pragmatic, he is adept at solving complex problems.

As General Manager, Louis-Vincent’s priority is customer satisfaction. His talent for optimizing business processes gives our clients the reliability and efficiency they need.

Objective and result-oriented, Louis-Vincent’s versatility enables his team to support clients in implementing and executing well-structured digital marketing strategies.

Insightful and genuine, LV inspires his peers effortlessly. Not only is he conscientious, but he also has a charming personality, with a lot of fun sides!

Olivier Metral
Olivier Metral
Head of Product

Saying that Olivier is our Head of Product is right … but maybe a tad incomplete.

Digital developer, computer software engineer and serial entrepreneur, he’s also managed several companies before joining V3 Stent.

Today, Olivier brings together his extensive experience in BPM, enterprise content management, cloud governance, AI, semantic, blockchain and other emerging technologies to offer the best-in class service and products to both the V3 Stent team and clients.

Focused on the digital transformation of enterprises, corporate social networks and team collaboration tools, he also enjoys writing about his perspectives on trends, issues and opportunities in IT.

Needless to say, that Olivier is a very precious source of IT expertise for all of his colleagues!

Sonia Beauchamp
Sonia Beauchamp
Vice-President Sales

With over 20 years of experience, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UQAM, Sonia Beauchamp is an executive Sales Director with a proven track record and extensive experience in leading sales teams, in a constantly evolving environment.

Focused on transforming workplaces through engagement, innovation and creativity, she strives to create a working environment based on trust, motivation and perseverance.

She came to V3 Stent with the firm intention of enhancing the team’s shared vision of what business success means: keeping people at the heart of advanced technological execution.

As a yogini in her spare time, she understands that the results come from a balance between life and work and she puts this philosophy into practice in all her teams.

Ludovic Bergounioux
Ludovic Bergounioux
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

At the heart of the design and development of several content management, social and collaborative tools, Ludovic strives to provide innovative automated tools to our clients and adapt them to their specific needs in order to provide optimal support in the research and acquisition of new markets.

He’s also an entrepreneur who draws his motivation from the search for pragmatic and technological solutions to answer users’ problems.

For Ludovic, digital transformation and technological innovation are much more than professional priorities—they’re his leitmotifs.

Sophia Racine-Beauchamp
Sophia Racine-Beauchamp
Account Director

Sophia completed a BA in human-environment with a concentration in sustainability at Concordia University. Throughout her time as a student, she has found the environmental world to be filled with innovation and drive, which she strives to be a part of.

Her organizational skills, proactive attitude, and rigorous work ethic are great assets for her position. Having lived in different parts of the world such as Canada, Poland, Spain, and Mexico allowed her to develop global skills in terms of cultural awareness, language and communication skills, international commercial awareness and networking.

John McCormack
John McCormack
Director of Stent AI, Ireland

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Business Planning and driving business success.

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