The secrets to LinkedIn


Are you perplexed by the idea of ​​investing in LinkedIn? Are you hesitant to take action and optimize your profile? Do not be afraid. With more than 680 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for any professional looking to grow their business opportunities. The secrets behind LinkedIn are gaining more and more value. In […]

What you should know about LinkedIn’s algorithm

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn’s debut on the market was nothing short of rocky. With daily sign ups as low as 20 people for some time, profitability seemed unlikely–till 2006. By 2011, it officially became a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange. Eight years later, LinkedIn racked up $6.8 billion worth of revenue and […]

Employee Advocacy and Referral 2.0: A unified strategy for success

Employees generally have 10 times more followers on social networks than their employer’s corporate page, and brand messages are shared 24 times more frequently when distributed by them rather than the company.  Companies with a successful Employee Advocacy program are 58% more likely to attract top talent and 77% of candidates are more likely to engage with […]

How AI will disrupt HR

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global human resource technology market is projected to grow from $24.04 billion in 2021 to $35.68 billion in 2028. 43% of companies are or plan on using AI technologies to meet their recruitment needs in 2022. With millions of job vacancies to be filled, HR professionals at companies everywhere […]

Radar – Headhunters invests $1M in V3 Stent

It’s a first in the industry. We’re joining forces with Radar – Headhunters to perfect our new recruitment tool. With over $1 million invested, our respective complementary expertise will make it possible to develop advanced artificial intelligence functionalities and facilitate the work of Human Resources.

The Benefits of Social Selling in B2B

By following best practices on networks, the results are clear: Volume: 45% more sales for leaders who use this method for lead generation. Speed: 40% of them say they’ve reduced the time spent searching for potential customers. Loyalty: 33% have built strong relationships with their customers.  Social Selling has become an essential practice for business […]

Complete list of all industries on Linkedin 2022

Here’s the complete list of all industries on Linkedin for 2022 What’s this LinkedIn industry list for?  If you’re here, you already know. This list allows you to be more precise in targeting.   It can be used in Sales Navigator for your customer acquisition strategies or in Recruiter for your candidate sourcing.  In 2021, there were 147 […]

AI Collaboration Agreement: McGill University & V3 Stent.

We are pleased to share the announcement that McGill University has chosen to become involved in the development and scientific research of the artificial intelligence algorithms related to the Stent platform’s recruitment functionalities, through the PROMPT – PARTENAR-IA program. Indeed, in view of the innovative solutions proposed by V3 Stent Group, Dr. Aditya Mahajan, Associate […]

How technology is revolutionizing the world of recruiting

Technology finds its way at every stage of recruitment: pre-recorded video interviews and conversational robots to interact with candidates on the Career page, talent prospecting using artificial intelligence to better qualify candidates. But is this always synonymous with a better candidate experience? In the case of the “conversational robot”, the answer seems to be yes. First, […]

10 Tips on How to Better Use LinkedIn

10 practical tips to make better use of LinkedIn Do you intend to maximize your business opportunities on LinkedIn? Become a Social Selling expert in your B2B business endeavors with 10 tips to make better use of your LinkedIn. How to use LinkedIn to benefit from all its advantages? By adopting the best practices of […]