10 Tips on How to Better Use LinkedIn

10 Tips on How to Better Use LinkedIn

10 practical tips to make better use of LinkedIn

Do you intend to maximize your business opportunities on LinkedIn? Become a Social Selling expert in your B2B business endeavors with 10 tips to make better use of your LinkedIn.

How to use LinkedIn to benefit from all its advantages? By adopting the best practices of a Social Seller! In 2011, nearly 83% of companies in the Fortune 500, the list of largest companies in the United States, were involved in social media in order to communicate with their customers or consumers.

Take advantage of LinkedIn to optimize your skills in Social Selling, which will allow you to build a list of prospects, develop lasting relationships effectively and increase your business opportunities.

Our 10 fundamental tips on LinkedIn

Tip 1: Reinforce or establish a cohesive and authentic image On LinkedIn, it is the personal branding of your team or your ambassadors that has an influence on your brand image. Contrary to popular belief, the Company Page will not have the greatest impact on your prospecting goals.

Tip 2: Optimize your profile on LinkedIn With the optimization, you will be able to integrate relevant and strategic keywords on your profile highlighting your company, your role in the organization and your publications. Now stand out!

Tip 3: Actively develop your LinkedIn network Quantity or quality? Better to have both! When the job may seem like laborious work, there are digital tools that can help you do it. Sales Navigator should be your first stop! Being a premium LinkedIn subscription, its targeting possibilities are very interesting, and if you take the time to study its metrics, you can get relevant segments. Then all you have to do is invite them … Not to mention politeness, of course! Write a personal note accompanying your invitation!

Plus, you’ll find that inviting daily will “give you back.” In fact, sending accepted invitations puts you first among the people recommended by LinkedIn who will not hesitate to invite you!

Tip 4: Post relevant content regularly To generate interest and engagement in your network, we recommend that you have a posting strategy (otherwise known as a content strategy) in place. Indeed, the distribution of these publications should be done twice a week and at convenient times. The goal of your content strategy is to offer relevant information related to your industry, expertise and professional opinion.

While LinkedIn favors rather formal interactions, many choose humor and familiarity, which can also be interesting depending on your audience and your personality.

Tip 5: Interact with your audience On LinkedIn, you have the privilege of knowing your audience well, because you invited them. It’s not like subscribing to corporate pages, or social media like Instagram. Your network development is organic and these people have agreed to interact with you. You then have all the information you need to properly adapt your speech, whether in terms of your publications, or in your private message exchanges.

Tip 6: Use LinkedIn for a few minutes a day Be proactive! Daily use of your LinkedIn profile, whether sharing, commenting or simply interacting with your clients, will help you achieve your professional goals. More than just a logical suggestion, it’s that LinkedIn’s algorithm favors its most stubborn users!

Your responsiveness as well as your punctuality in your follow-ups are qualities that are valued as much online as in person.

Tip 7: Stay tuned for new things This advice is two-way. As much as we need to bring current topics in our publications for our network and generate value, we can also find enriching information for ourselves. Sharing content found on LinkedIn is also a way to show your reciprocity, although original content is the cornerstone of great organic reach.

Tip 8: Embrace the Culture of Social Selling Beyond your goals, there is you and the other. Social Selling is a philosophy where selling is secondary to human relationships. When connecting with other people on LinkedIn, keep in mind what the most important thing is the quality of the interaction. The rest is a bonus, and believe our experience, it just happens naturally.

Tip 9: Explore the new features of LinkedIn LinkedIn keeps evolving. D ’week after week, new features become available that add to the tools you know and use. It should be noted that updates are not always done uniformly on the platform, so be patient or request customer service to access them!

Tip 10: Remember to think long term Good digital prospecting requires patience. See it like when you do it in person. You don’t reach out to someone you introduce yourself to by selling them something directly. Instead, we start by introducing ourselves and have a relaxed discussion with our interlocutor. When we feel the “current is going”, this is where we can delve deeper into the ins and outs of our service offering.

Think long term, you don’t know if 2 years later this person will need you!

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