The Benefits of Social Selling in B2B

The Benefits of Social Selling in B2B

By following best practices on networks, the results are clear:

Volume: 45% more sales for leaders who use this method for lead generation. Speed: 40% of them say they’ve reduced the time spent searching for potential customers. Loyalty: 33% have built strong relationships with their customers. 

Social Selling has become an essential practice for business development. 

According to LinkedIn, nearly 76% of buyers are willing to initiate a conversation in chat with someone who might provide a solution to their problems. In turn, 62% of these buyers are ready to respond to the various sales representatives. 

Essentially, the door’s open wide once a suitable product is clearly presented.

How to use Social Selling on social networks

Social Selling humanizes sales.

It transforms the seller from someone with a service proposal into a real person who lives stories and reflections of daily life in which the audience can find themselves. As such, the consumer or the buyer can feel better understood and identify with the various subjects of the seller’s publications.

In fact, it’s the consistency of the image that you want to project on LinkedIn and other social media that comes into play. This is what’s meant by influence marketing. 

X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. – whatever the platform, to achieve your commercial objectives, the secret to the success of a good marketing strategy is regularity combined with several marketing tactics: 

  • Publishing engaging content that generates interactions such as comments from first-level contacts, which will in turn bring visibility via the networks
  • Strategically monitoring online opportunities by focusing on the profiles of your potential customers
  • Presenting yourself as an industry leader by offering thoughts and proposals to your prospects in a natural way
  • Monitoring competitors to constantly improve your value proposition
  • Highlighting your company’s key proficiencies and its commitment to social causes
  • Networking with people you’d like to work with or offer your services to

One of the best practices seems natural but is often underused: building the customer relationship first, without intending to sell immediately. 

The goal is that when that person needs a service, they’ll be more likely to call on someone they already know and trust.

Social Selling: An indispensable tool to grow your B2B relationships

Whatever your industry, the LinkedIn platform can easily become a playground for identifying your prospects.

Nowadays, customers are looking for lasting and reliable business relationships. Social networks have a real impact on the purchasing decision: 81% of B2B buyers consult social networks before making a purchase.

Thus, Social Selling allows you to:

  1. build your personal branding via interactions
  2. create lasting relationships with your prospects
  3. retain your existing customers
  4. exchange, comment and share directly
  5. monitor your customers’ habits
  6. shorten your sales cycle with quick connections, avoiding cold calls
  7. get into the habit of networking
  8. stay up-to-date with the latest trends that your community reacts to
  9. create a link between your website and your various social platforms 
  10. populate your blog with a relevant content

Ultimately, it’s all about providing a better sales experience and follow-up for your buyers.

Put Social Selling at the heart of your conversion strategy with the Stent app

The Stent Propulsion module deploys and maintains lasting business relationships within a tailor-made network thanks to artificial intelligence.

It understands who you are and helps you go way beyond simple lead generation.

In fact, the goal is to funnel more customers to you, because Stent does the screening for you to save valuable time.

This all-in-one tool ensures the integration and monitoring of your new connections in your CRM or any other collaboration tool. 

Based on our algorithms developed with the latest artificial intelligence technologies, Stent:

  1. Analyzes and targets your potential markets thanks to its constantly growing database along with those of your own favorite platforms.
  2. If needed, we offer you a personalized branding that optimizes the attractiveness of your personal brand image.
  3. The AI algorithm identifies and ranks the best profiles according to your criteria and takes care of generating new opportunities, while creating a business community adapted to your needs.
  4. Thanks to the Employee Advocacy module, Stent opens up new perspectives for creating content to engage your audience, while also consolidating and informing your team.
  5. Less time looking for customers means more time selling. All you have to do is analyze the effectiveness of your strategies to generate conversions in your sales pipeline and watch your SSI score soar. 

And one last thing: based on our Social Selling approach, we’ve also developed the Stent Talent module. Same principle, same efficiency, to help you recruit the best team. 

Discover V3 Stent’s Propulsion module and see how you can become a Social Selling superstar!

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